The Mason-Dixon Outdoor Writers Association is looking for a few good outdoors communicators.  On behalf of the membership committee we are extending an offer to join Mason-Dixon Outdoor Writers Association  (M-DOWA).  We are one of the oldest regional outdoor writers associations in the US. Our membership roster has some of the most recognizable names in outdoor communications.

Renewal for existing members, please click on this link to download renewal form.  Form is designed to be completed electronically, please do so.  Membership Application

There are many benefits to belonging to an organization like M-DOWA.

Each spring M-DOWA hosts a banquet and conference open to all members of M_DOWA, POWA, POMA, and VOWA.  A great opportunity to network with members and people in the industry.

Annual awards for excellence in writing, photography, book publishing, video, blogging, and television.  These awards can be helpful in advancing your career in the world of outdoor communications.

Access to media personal and major manufacturers of products related to hunting, fishing, and the outdoors.

Please fill out the membership application by clicking on the link at bottom of this page.  See the form for membership fees and where to mail application.

Criteria For Membership


1.     Newspaper staff writer, reporter, columnist or editor.

Disseminates outdoor data and or information through the circulation of a newspaper that is regularly distributed or an on-line newspaper, or a free lancer, or editorial staff member who regularly writes or edits coverage.

2.  Still photographer 

Paid by media as an employee or freelancer, supplying photography to newspapers, magazines, books, or other sources.

3. Illustrator, cartoonist, artist

Paid as employee or freelancer.  Producing original outdoor artwork (cartoons, drawings, technical drawings, color paintings) working for newspapers, magazines, books, or other sources.

4. Motion picture/audio/video tape/DVD/CD/radio/television

Photographer, Script writer, Film/tape editor, Director

Supply information on ALL categories in which you are active.  List films and/or productions. 

5. Magazine:

Editorial staff with circulation including on-line sites.

6. Magazine:

Freelance writer, editor, designee, or part time staffer.

Submit samples, list examples.

7. Book author/editor/designer: 

List book title, date published, publisher, and subject matter.

8. Lecturer in field of outdoor studies or activities.

Submit materials to screening committee for evaluation.

9. Communicator for non-profit agency engaged in conservation and other outdoor related activities.

Submit materials to screening committee for evaluation.

10. Internet Journalist

A professional or personal Journalist who writes for a blog or other digital media related to outdoor activities and is regularly updated and receives 500 AUV’s (average unique views) per month and/or generates income from stated position.  Posted photography and video will also be considered if it has journalistic merit.

List pertinent information concerning Internet Journalism:  website, e-mail address, etc.

11. Student

An applicant must be enrolled in an accredited journalism or photography class and agrees to support and promote the objectives of M-DOWA with a high level of personal and professional ethical conduct and is presently pursuing or is engaged in the methods of dissemination of Outdoor Information.

Click on the below link to download the application form.  The form is saved at the Microsoft Word 2007-2013 level and is designed to be completed electronically.  The form will open at the first entry point which will automatically expand as you enter the information.  Category fees and where to send the application are listed on the form.

Click on this link to download the Membership Application

Membership Application

Membership-Application (doc)