Members and Friends Web sites

As a service to our members and visitors to this web site we are publishing appropriate web sites.  This lists the site owner and their expertise.  Owner – H. Bumper Bauer, outdoor writer, wildlife photographer, turkey hunting, seminar speaker                    Owner – H. Bumper Bauer, outdoor writer                          Owner – Joe Bruce, fishing        Owner – Joe Byers, fishing, hunting, conservation   Owner – Joe Byers, hunting                 Contributor – Joe Byers, fishing, hunting                     Owner – John Canan, photographer, naturalist           Owner – Tim FLanigan, Debbie Flanigan, wildlife and nature photography, outdoor writing, seminar speaker  Owner – Tyler Frantz, hunting, fishing      Owner – Richie Gaines, fishing           Owner – Kathryn Haas, hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities    Owner – Tom Hughes, fishing         Owner – Kevin Josenhans, fly fishing                         Owner – Michael Klimkos, fly fishing, Pennsylvania outdoor history                             Owner – Marie Majarov, nature photography           Owner – King Montgomery, light-tackle/fly angling, upland bird hunting, outdoor photography, travel writing        Owner – Nancy Sorrells, lecturer outdoor subjects             Owner – Derek Stoner, lecturer, photography, writer  Owner – Robert Thomas, photography                   Owner – Dana Troutman, fishing, hunting, cooking     Owner – Barry Vuolo, fresh water lakes and rivers           Owner – Hagerstown Convention and Visitors Center      Owner – State of Maryland, maintained by Maryland Office of Tourism  Owner – State of Maryland, maintained by Maryland Department of Natural Resources     Owner – Alex and JoAnne Zidock, hunting, fishing, boating, camping, photography      Owner – Alex and JoAnne Zidock, area highlights for Pike and Wayne Counties, PA  M-DOWA’s facebook page maintained by Debbie Flanigan          Owner – Virginia Outdoor Writers Association, maintained by Maria Majarov     Owner – Michael Gogal, mapmaking and app developer            Owner – State of Virginia, maintained by Department of Game and Inland Fisheries              Owner – State of Virginia, maintained by Department of Game and Inland Fisheries                      Owner – Coastal Conservation Association                     Owner – State of Virginia  Owner – Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association